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Di | 31 Agosto 2020
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The telephone company TIM S.p.A. (ex Telecom Italia S.p.A.) is one of the most famous companies at national level but it is also well known at international level. Once the contract with TIM has been signed, it may happen that you are not satisfied with the service offered due to disservices, breakdowns or a signal reception that is not adequate for the customer’s standards of use and for these reasons you want to request the cancellation of the subscribed subscription. Let’s find out together how to cancel the TIM subscription.

Telecom cancellation within 14 days

If you want to cancel the TIM subscription within 14 days of signing the contract, you can do so without having to incur additional costs for the cancellation pursuant to articles 64 et seq. of the legislative decree 06.09.2005 n. 206, Consumer Code, and without indicating the reasons if the subscription took place online or electronically or away from the operator’s business premises. The communication sent to TIM must indicate the intention to withdraw from the contract using the following withdrawal forms: withdrawal form new line rethinking within 14 days; withdrawal form return afterthought within 14 days for transfer to another operator; withdrawal form, after-sales service within 14 days, activation of the offer / service on line already Tim. Even if you do not have to pay additional costs, you will still have to return the devices you have received on loan for use otherwise the operator may apply penalties and other costs if these are not returned.

Terminate the Telecom contract due to termination of the line

To cancel the contract with TIM S.p.A. it is necessary to fill in and send the cancellation form to the following address:

In the case of fixed line residential users

TIM S.p.A.

PO Box 111

00054 Fiumicino (RM)

In the case of fixed line business users

Tim S.p.A. Business Customer Service

PO Box 456

00054 Fiumicino (RM)

NB. The above addresses may change over time, for this reason it is recommended to contact the customer service operator before sending the forms to confirm the correct address in use. The operator can be contacted at 187 for residential customers and 191 for business customers. The forms to be filled out are different depending on whether there are or are not rented devices: withdrawal form without rental phone; withdrawal form with rental phone. The form must be completed with the data of the contract holder and must be sent by registered letter with return receipt, attaching an identification document to the form (e.g. identity card, driving license). The form may also be sent by fax to 800.000.187 or by certified email (PEC) to the address if it is a private customer or at if it is a professional customer with a VAT number, or by going to the website and canceling Telecom online or by calling customer service 187 for residential customers and 191 for business customers. It may take up to 15 business days for the line to cease. It is necessary to return the appliances received on loan for use otherwise the operator could apply penalties and other costs in the event that the rental equipment is not returned.

Telecom contract cancellation due to transfer to another operator

If you want to switch to another operator, you must contact the company with which you intend to subscribe the new telephone subscription and communicate your migration code, it will then be the responsibility of the new operator to request the change. The changeover to the new operator should take place within 10 working days of the request. Even in the case of transfer to another operator it is necessary to return the devices received on loan for use to the old operator otherwise the operator could apply penalties and other costs in the event that the equipment rented is not returned. Costs for the cancellation of the Telecom Withdrawal from the contract stipulated with TIM (ex Telecom) must be communicated with 15 days’ notice. The standard deactivation costs for the TIM Voce, TIM ADSL and TIM Fibra offers amount to € 49.00 including VAT for the termination of the line and € 35.00 including VAT for the transfer to another operator. If you withdraw from the TIM subscription before the expiry of the contractual bond, which is generally 24 months, the operator has the right to request, in addition to the payment of the standard deactivation costs, also the payment of penalties. NB. The costs of decommissioning and by way of penalties may vary over time, therefore, it is recommended to check the TIM general contractual conditions for more detailed information. How to return TIM equipment rented In the event that a contract is signed with TIM that provides for the rental of TIM equipment, such as TIM modem and TIM mobile modem, when the subscription is canceled, it is necessary to return them, within 30 days from the termination of the contract, by sending by parcel post the appliances at: TIM S.p.A. c / o Geodis Logistics, Reverse A22 warehouse Piazzale Giorgio Ambrosoli snc 27015 Landriano (PV) Or by hand delivery to a TIM point, also attaching a specific delivery form.

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